About SharePoint Stories

“A place to share the things we do, attempt, find interesting or find frustrating about Information Management and Microsoft SharePoint”

When I started this blog in 2009, there were already hundreds if not thousands of good SharePoint blogs. I took a cue from the people who had urged me to start blogging (a few people in the audience of my AIIM Expo presentation). Those people like the fact that I didn’t talk so much about how to do things in SharePoint – they liked that I talked about “why” we do things in SharePoint. They also liked that I occasionally talk about the things that go wrong.

SharePoint Stories is based on the real experience I gather at work, the stories I hear from others and the things I absorb through my membership in AIIM. SharePoint, as many of my posts will point out, is nothing more than the vehicle in which we travel the rode of content and information management. I try not to identify specific people in this blog, unless they have agreed to be mentioned. Working for a small company makes that a difficult task. Sometimes, you will read about somewhat generic business processes. That’s because if I wrote about the specific process, I would be calling out one person.

Recently, a lot of the SharePoint work at our company has been taken over by members of my small but amazing staff. I will try to get them to tell their own stories here, but if they are too busy or too shy, I will continue to tell their stories for them.

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