3 thoughts on “Congratulations You May Be a Winner

  1. That’s our daughter and she was clearly winning this game. The screen shot below, well I was getting a lot of those emails. Worse yet, they go to a distribution group so everyone in my department knew the kind of day/week I was having.

  2. Managed metadata. Gak. It’s exactly the right concept, but a horribly flawed implementation. The fact that you need to know a bunch of GUIDs to do anything useful programmatically is one of the Achilles heels of the implementation.


    • Agreed Marc. The primary way that we use them is so very helpful, but the fact that they are so hard to work with just dives us nuts. The good news is that we are small enough to make the work-arounds easy to implement. If we had thousands of terms, we would be in trouble.

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