Enjoy the Weekend

clip_image002I realize that I have readers from around the world, and that Thanksgiving is far from a universal holiday. Other countries celebrate a holiday like this, but most at other points during the year. Still, in the United States this is a pretty big weekend – 4 days of eating too much food, watching too much football and for some, shopping at a frenzied pace. Oh yeah, most of us try to remember to pause for a few minutes and think about the things we are thankful for.

I am thankful for a lot of people in and around SharePoint, but I’m not going to write a testimonial. I have listed them before: my team, our trusted friends (consultants), 3rd-party vendors whose products we rely upon, AIIM, Microsoft and a bunch of others. Thanks! We are in the midst of a really good ride with a really good product and we should be grateful for the opportunities we have.

Right now, I have the opportunity to have another slice of pie and to get ready for the inter-family football rivalry, West Virginia University vs. Iowa State University. Neither team will be going to a bowl game this year, but depending on the outcome, either my brother or I will be wearing a shirt in public that clearly says: “Yeah, I lost a bet!

Have a Happy!