3 thoughts on “Forget the User – Think About the Next User

  1. Dan, I think we're birds of a feather cut from the same cloth on this.When I think about User Experience (I always seem to capitalize things in the King's English that I think are important.), I try to always keep my thinking – perhaps to varying degrees of success – in the context of improving the performance of the organization. It's not about just giving the user a fancy tool, it's about making the task at hand as pleasant and productive as possible to attain the end goals. To be concrete: we can't eliminate the need for metadata, but we sure can make it feel a lot less painful to add it into the system.M.

  2. The issue that's bugging me is " this is how I like to think of these documents" Sorry but that doesn't work. Very few corporate records are a matter of opinion or subject to interpretation. Most fall into clear categories. Tell me what those categories are and I will make the experience pleasant, but we are now changing the organization model for the 4th time and I'm… Well, I guess I'm ranting.

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