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  1. Somers Mill. That once was a multi-story water powered textile mill in Somers, CT. While you can’t see it in this picture, the building behind this was where my cabinet shop was located in the early 1980’s. Many attempts were made to convert the abandoned mill to commercial/retail/residential use, but none succeeded. Unfortunately, the oil-soaked wood floors fed an inferno, started by a cigarette that destroyed the building in a matter of hours. Video of the fire is on YouTube.

  2. Dan:Great post, as always. Your stories bring home the realities of living in SharePointLandia better than almost all the "real" rhetoric in marketing stuff.We could probably do whatever you mean with the managed metadata columns with some script?M.

  3. Thanks Marc. Expect an email about that script. With any luck, I can get a solution to a nagging problem and a future blog post all in one deal.

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