3 thoughts on “Jump Starting Imagination

  1. Picture – I love reflections, and sometimes they stir my imagination until I figure out what it is that I’m looking at. This is the Connecticut River as seen from the North End Bridge between Springfield, MA and West Springfield.

  2. I remember back in 1990 when I started work on a replacement product for the company that I then owned. The company produced Banking Front Office Trading System. I was aware that the worst thing that you can do is to extend the prototype to be the final system. I was and still am a huge fan of the Smalltalk programming language but knew that I would be unlikely to convince my team leader and his staff that this was the way to go – they were all dedicated C and Pascal men – you can only achieve so much even when you own the company if the guys are not with you. So, I built the prototype in Visual Smalltalk and got them committed to Objective C (yup, that was around then). This meant that I could do what I liked and they could use the design, data structures, etc. but not include any of my prototype code. Seems sensible to me.David

  3. I would never try to reuse/extend a prototype coded system. I have tried to extend or "clean up" a prototype in SharePoint, but I realized that the end users never move too far away from what I gave them as a starting point. I tried this approach because I wanted to see if the end user would simply start asking for features and combinations of the features we included. I included things that I wasn't sure would be useful, but he surprised us. We ended up agreeing to build a lot of the things I thought we would, and some things I would never have guessed.Smalltalk was a great platform for building a prototype. We are winding dow our use of it (as you know) and it's a little sad. Thanks for reading & commenting.D

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