Since the Mayans Were Wrong

clip_image002I guess I need to write another blog entry. Actually, this is an easy one, unless I want to try my hand at interpreting the signs around me. I’m not good at recognizing the obvious, let alone the future, but I can predict one thing; this is the last blog entry for 2012. The world didn’t end, but I am giving myself and my editor (wife) a week off. So you can check back on January 5th 2013 for the next update. Coincidently, the post on January 5th will be the 200th SharePoint Story – that’s pretty cool. I may not be a prognosticator, but maybe I can make some sense of history.

When I started this blog, I was planning for others to contribute the stories. I thought that might be interesting, and I didn’t think I had 200 stories to tell, I wasn’t sure I had 6 stories to tell. Apparently, I underestimated myself, and the interest level in ordinary stories about SharePoint in use. As I look at the statistics about this blog, the #1 story of all time remains SharePoint of My iPad, and it represents just under 5% of all the stories ever read! Ironically, the second most popular post is No iPad For Me, a.k.a. the worst prediction I ever made. The timing of those two posts, (Feb 2010 and April 2011) would indicate that Microsoft was about two years too late to the market with Windows 8 (I bought my iPad in Oct-Nov 2010). My Top-5 posts include another curious pair, one deriding the value of email (Task vs. Email vs. Task) and one of several posts ridiculing the use of Excel as a means of tracking a list of items (Excel v. Custom Lists). I have attacked email and Excel multiple times, and I still think SharePoint will ultimately defeat those two stalwart competitors, but I think I will be retired before that day arrives. Rounding out the Top-5, sitting comfortably at #4, is a story about our first formal encounter with Marc D. Anderson (Symply the Best).

I guess if I really wanted to ramp up my stats, I’d make that 200th post “Why Marc Anderson thinks Excel and email will ultimately be replaced by SharePoint running on an iPad.” Fortunately, I don’t care about stats (but if Marc ever said that, I’d pay attention). Every now and then, someone says something nice about this blog, and that’s usually enough to keep me writing. If you are wondering what you can expect to find here in 2013, the answer is: “more of the same.” I once described SharePoint as an empty building next to a highway ramp, and in our case, there is still room for a lot of new tenants. During the last quarter of 2012, we made plans and promises for several new projects and we are receiving some very good feedback on the initial activities around those solutions. I will continue to share the things we learn from our attempts to bring those projects to fruition, including the misadventures when we or Microsoft get things wrong.

You can also expect me to mention the people, products and organizations that we like. Most of those can be found on the “Who We Like” page, but I realize that I left BA Insight off that list. We use their Longitude Search product and it was a pleasure dealing with them when we made that decision. I hope to make that page a little more attractive (that shouldn’t be hard) because people do ask me about products, services and vendors, but I am still trying to avoid advertising on this blog.

I will periodically make a promotional comment about AIIM, and I will blatantly support, endorse and encourage you to participate in the events of the New England Chapter of AIIM. As always, I want to be transparent here. As you can see at the top of this page, I am the Program Director for AIIM New England. What you may not know is that as of January 1, 2013, I will also be serving on the Board of AIIM International. I’m psyched about that opportunity because I strongly believe that the educational opportunities provided through AIIM, the AIIM Conference, the AIIM Community and the network of Chapters is the best and most cost-effective way to build a proper foundation for the things we build on SharePoint.

Thank you for visiting this blog and for sharing your comments here and on the various social media outlets where we interact. I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season and I wish you the very best in 2013!

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  1. That’s another shot of Goodwin College’s new building in East Hartford, CT. I love watching construction projects grow from nothing to finished products. I am inspired by what men, women and machines can do when they (the men and women) decide to create something. I also enjoy construction projects, and you can see photos from these in a collection I have on Flickr

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