I Blame the Sunrise

clip_image002There really is no SharePoint Stories blog today. There are several posts bouncing around in my head, but none made it to paper for a Saturday read, and I’m not going to break tradition and publish on a Sunday or a Tuesday. That said, I do have some news.

One of the reasons there is no post today, is that it will be based on several meetings with our customers that took place near the end of our annual Policyholders Meeting. It is always amazing to me to hear and see people’s reaction to the service we are delivering through SharePoint. It’s all good blog fodder; some challenges to come, a looming concern and some lessons learned, but I need time for thoughts to gel.

On the other hand, if you look to the right, you will see that I am the Program Chair for the AIIM New England Chapter this year. We recently held our kick-off event and we had a great time. We also introduced the events for the coming year, and the next one is just about a month away. We will be closing the show at the AIIM Boot Camp, and I hope to see you at both events. While we are on the subject of AIIM, I am thrilled to announce that I will be speaking at the AIIM Conference in New Orleans in March. I understand that registration for that conference is opening soon, so keep an eye on the conference site because the 2012 conference sold out in record time. If you find AIIM content anywhere near as interesting as I do, please do me a favor and go to the AIIM New England website, or follow the Chapter on Twitter or Facebook.

One thought on “I Blame the Sunrise

  1. Picture referenceThat’s the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean just outside of Jacksonville, FL. I could have been inside writing a blog entry, or I could have been outside looking at that scene emerge. It was my last day in FL, my last chance to watch, so…

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