Consultant Chronicle

clip_image002As long as I have published SharePoint Stories, I have been asking my friend and colleague Mark Thompson to make a guest appearance. Mark is a busy guy, and so far, that guest post hasn’t happened. During this same timeframe, Mark has been talking to me about an idea he and a friend (Bill Kelly) of his have had for a blog that would include a series of interviews published as podcasts. I am very happy to say that that idea has come to fruition in the form of the Consultant Chronicle.

I will be honest here, when I first heard of this idea I had two thoughts: 1) Mark’s plan was very ambitions and I wasn’t sure it could be done. Knowing how much effort goes into publishing a quality blog (you do think this is a quality blog…right?), I just couldn’t see how they could make this happen. Recording an interview, cleaning that up and publishing it – it sounded like too much work. 2) Would I really want to listen to a podcast of those interviews? Let’s face it, 30 minutes sounds like a long time. Fast forward to the spring of 2011, and I can update both of those thoughts. Mark’s plan was ambitious, but he and Bill have made it happen. Also, 30 minutes flies by when the story line is interesting and these guys keep it interesting; in fact, I am listening to one of the podcasts right now.

I had the good fortune to be one of the early guests on Consultant Chronicle, so I got to see this duo live. I have to tell you, it felt more like a morning radio talk show than a technology interview. Mark and Bill are very knowledgeable, they work very well together and they keep the pace of the show moving toward that 30 minute time limit. More than that, they made me feel very comfortable. I am used to public speaking, but I have only been recorded on a few occasions and the thought still makes me squirm a bit. Mark gave me a brief tour of the studio, introduced me to Bill, mic’d me (forgive my attempt at industry jargon), did a quick sound check and we were off and running. Before I knew it, we were having an enjoyable conversation about my experience at iPhone/iPad DevCon East, and then we were done.

I was surprised when I listened to the podcast, it sounded great, and it was a very interesting experience, because I felt the same energy and emotion that I experienced during the interview. Well, without the nervous feeling on my part. That’s what I have come to really like about these podcasts, you can sense the energy, the way Mark and Bill play off of their guests and you can feel the emotion. When a guest is passionate about a topic, it comes through loud and clear, and that is such an improvement over reading quotes, even the ones that are bolded and italicized. I have listened to an interview with Russ Edleman (ok, that’s not fair, Russ always sounds good), as well as their podcasts on Distance Learning and HIPPA Compliance and I can honestly say, I listened to them from start to finish and I enjoyed the entire show.

I think the most amazing thing about Consultant Chronicle is the fact that these are geeks, interviewing geeks and they all sound great! Mark and Bill have such an amazing collective experience, and their work puts them in contact with some of the region’s most interesting people, that the fodder for this show is rich and abundant. There are a lot of people who do the same kind of work that Mark and Bill do, but I don’t think many of them have the skill set to package their experience in such an easy to consume fashion. I would say that I can’t wait to see a video version, but as they say, some of us have faces for radio.