2 thoughts on “Logged in as: Test@yourDomain.com

  1. Rajesh.Testing as a different user is primarily done to test permissions. We have discovered things like 1) Users not having read access to a related list that is being used as a lookup field. 2) Users that don’t have access to create documents in a records library. 3) Users with access to the page, but not the parent site. They could follow a link to the page, but they couldn’t navigate there. Fortunately, we found (most of) these while testing.We create a user/permission matrix before we deploy now, and we test each unique combination of permissions.Beginning each test case from the beginning is a hard discipline to follow, but it does periodically turn up those issues that result from seemingly minor changes. This is where having a written test case is a good idea, especially if you can get someone else to run the test.Thanks for reading SharePoint Stories,Dan (although Google doesn't seem to know that)

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