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  1. Harks back to the days of Office 97 (or was it 95?) and the truly great Binder capability. Why Microsoft ever removed that is beyond me.Some of the things you describe in Project Versioning might be well served by a Document workspace. Ever use those for complex document construction?M.

  2. We have used the Document Workspace for complex documents that we contruct. The Annual Report is a little different, in that we never actually assemble the entire document, just the components. The designer lays out the report and sends us a PDF to review. We try to edit the Word docs, only so we have the text that matches the final product.Yours is an interesting comment because one of the subjects I have for an upcoming blog entry is the problem I have communicating the number of ways you can do things in SharePoint. It truly leaves my users shaking their heads sometimes.Thanks for reading and commenting Marc!

  3. My wife used to work in Marketing at Cambridge Technology Partners and one of her primary roles was the design and assembly of the Annual Report for printing. I would think that a Document Workspace would win out for that process over a Document Set. Reason being, there are far more activities around Annual Report creation than just the content objects. There are likely to be Discussions, a Calendar, and maybe Announcements as well.Yes, there is art to deciding which SharePoint capabilities to use sometimes. It's the classic "it depends" answer. I fully believe that choosing the wrong approach from time to time is not only going to happen, but is beneficial for any learning organization. The "right" answer for one organization may be entirely the "wrong" answer for another; there are many, many variables in all of this. (I *really* wish the dyed-in-the-wool enterprise .NET folks understood this.) I like to think that considering all of this is what makes me a half-decent consultant. ;-)M.

  4. You are probably right Marc, for a company with a more elaborate Annual Report. Ours is fairly samll, 6-8 pages total, and we outsource most of the activities you mention to the designer. But you raise a great point about considering what might be the right approach. It does vary by company and it might vary by project.Most of the enterprise IT folks probably don't even want to consider SharePoint, let alone the bits and pieces within. I think that's a mistake, and I dread the times I suffer guilt by association at SP conferences when they start busting on IT.For the record, I'd say you're at least 65% decent 😉

  5. Nice read Dan, however I have a new definition of torture. Its when a client falls in love with Document Sets and realizes that they have already installed SharePoint Foundation.

  6. I am just getting familiar with Document Sets and am also "on the fence" about whether or not it is the right choice for a particular client project. One thing they are persistent about is the ability to have a "subfolder" within the document area. Otherwise Document Sets seem to fit the need perfectly.Does anyone know how to add a "folder" (or the appearance of a folder) in Document Sets? Is it possible to add an additional Document Set within a Document Set?

  7. Sorry to take so long getting back to you, but I wanted to verify my answer. I don't know about adding a Document Set within a Document Set, but you can create folders in a Document Set. As long as the parent library has "create new folders" enabled, that option will be available within each Document Set.I will play around with adding a Document Set to a Set, but at first glance, that does not appear to be possible. Dan

  8. After Yogesh Pawar posted the reply to the question about folders, I tried to verify my answer, because we seem to be at odds. Yogesh is correct, you cannot add a folder to a document set – well sorta.Within a document set, there is no option to create a Folder. However, if the parent library allows for the creation of folders, you can create a folder in the library and drag it into a Document Set using Explorer View. I just did that, and I successfully uploaded a document into that folder.D

  9. I'm not sure any of this will work well, or that there won't be unintended consequences, but you can also drag and drop a Document Set into another Document Set using Explorer view

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