Why I Love SPTechCon

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         As I write this, I am still in Boston, hoping to get some photos of the Head of the Charles Regatta which is about to unfold across from the conference hotel. I have a short series of blog posts planned based on my presentation and the things that I have learned while attending this great conference. I am going to spread those posts across the blog and my AIIM Community blog, but I need to organize those thoughts first. So for today, I just want to comment on the great event that was (and will be) SPTechCon.

Organization – The people with BZ Media know how to organize a technical conference. First, they pack a lot into a compressed time frame, so you can fit a great training event into a busy schedule. Second, they spread sessions around generous coffee and food breaks so you can get to know some of the other attendees. Some of my favorite memories of this conference are the conversations I had with people, some that I “knew” from business and from Twitter, and some that I met here. Third, they treat the speakers and the attendees with respect; I feel good about my decision to participate in this event.

Program – I am extremely proud to have been part of the program at this event. If you read through the speaker list, you will find that some of the most experienced SharePoint practitioners in the world were on the agenda. I attended as many classes as I could; I enjoyed every class and I appreciate the effort every speaker put into his/her presentation. I think that know SharePoint pretty well, but I learned a lot at this conference.

People – I will continue with the speakers a bit in this category; every session that I attended, ended with the speaker volunteering to answer questions off-line, on-line through their blog or via Twitter or in person. Many of the speakers are consultants, so they normally get paid for those answers, but they share an enormous amount of useful information for free. The rest of the people, those in the audience were equally great. They share their experience, they offered useful comments, asked great questions and engaged in off-line conversations about SharePoint and other related technology. Everyone that I met at this conference seemed to have something useful to share!

Vendors – There were a ton of vendors in the exhibition hall for this event. Some of our existing vendors like Quest, MetaVis and Mainsoft as well as vendors with products I wanted to know more about were busy handing out information, showing demos and discussing their products. To have so much SharePoint in one room was simply awesome.

The next instance of SPTechCon will be in San Francisco in February 2011. I cannot attend that conference, but if you can, I encourage you to register now while the rates are low and the hotel still has rooms. SPTechCon Boston sold out, and I am betting the same thing will happen in San Francisco. As for me, I am thinking about attendant BZ Media’s iPhone/iPad DevCon next April. I am planning to do some experimenting with an iPad and with iPad development, and I can’t think of a better place to learn more about that subject than this conference.

Thanks to everyone who made SPTechcon a great educational event.