Welcome Owen Baern

Back in March 2009, I spoke about a few things that inspired me to start this blog. I talked about the people I’ve met who encouraged me to share information about the ways we use SharePoint. I mentioned having met people who share my interest in SharePoint and, finally, I mentioned that some of these people work with installations much larger than mine. One of the people who fits all of these categories is Owen Baern.

I met Owen after giving a presentation at AIIM Expo 2007 in Boston. Owen works for AECOM, a global provider of professional technical and management support services. With over 45,000 employees, AECOM is several orders of magnitude larger than ANI. With respect to SharePoint, any one of AECOM’s 15-20 server farms would easily make our entire SharePoint infrastructure pale by comparison. Still, as soon as I met Owen, I realized that he and I share a passion for SharePoint and that we are coming at SharePoint from a common perspective. Perhaps that’s because neither of us started using SharePoint to solve a particular problem; we both tend to look at SharePoint with almost childlike wonder with respect to its capabilities.

Owen has a background that includes education in music composition and Artificial Intelligence. He has worked as a graphic designer, an art director and as a SharePoint Architect/Administrator. Owen’s experience with SharePoint is broad and it’s expanding as he continues to explore and master the capabilities of this amazing platform.

The other great thing about Owen is that he is willing to share his experience, his insight and his opinions. Owen’s debut blog entry will be posted here this coming Saturday (1/23/2010) when he will be sharing his thoughts on SharePoint branding.

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