Days of Miracle and Wonder

If you are old enough, you may recognize the title from the chorus of “The Boy in the Bubble” – (Paul Simon – Graceland, 1986). Last weekend, I told my wife I was going to buy a bunch of Paul Simon songs to make a CD for my (non-iPod ready) car. She reminded me that I owned a multi-CD set of Paul Simon songs (which was “somewhere”). This was an ironic end to a week in which I was working to minimize duplication of files related to our company’s new logo.

To achieve our goal, we set up a SharePoint resource site. The two versions of our logo are available in libraries on this site. There are PNG files for use with Office and there are pre-sized JPG versions for other applications. We also have a library of EPS logos and logos stored in various versions of Adobe Illustrator for printing applications. In addition to the images, we have usage guides for our employees and for outside vendors. We included the font files needed to replicate the fonts in the logo and instructions for installing those fonts. In addition, we created a color chart listing the various ways (Pantone, CMYK, RGB and Grayscale) of matching the logo colors. The usage guide provides “how to” instructions and includes guidelines for properly managing our identity.

All this content is accessible by links on the Identity Resource home page; one stop shopping for everything Logo. This is the kind of organization that can’t be matched in a simple file system; this is where SharePoint shines. Where SharePoint doesn’t shine is in navigation; the logo used to be on the K: drive, but we’re going to address that too. First, we are finally going to turn off Windows’ ridiculous habit of automatically saving Network Places into a rat’s nest of meaningless links. Then, in our Identity Resource training, we will show people how to create the Network Place: “Logos” so it’s as easy to access as a shared drive – we might even script that action for them. If people insist on copying the graphics all over the place, I’ll just try to remember the end of the chorus: “…don’t cry baby don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry“.