What’s Your (State’s) Sign?

Around Connecticut, we have warning signs that say: “Bridge Freezes Before Road Surface” – fair enough, they do freeze first and that is dangerous. Recently, on a trip to Pennsylvania I noticed signs that said “Bridge May be Icy”, hmm. My first reaction was to think about standards; I mean how can we hope to standardize things like ECM around the world if we can’t standardize road signs within a 500 mile radius?

Then again, I spotted that sign at the beginning of a short vacation with my head still full of work thoughts. On the return trip, I realized that the standard I was looking for was there: the sign was diamond-shaped with black letters on a yellow background – the message was clearly a warning. The signs were placed far enough ahead for drivers to react and the message was easy to understand.

I just might use the sign as an example as we continue to define our classification scheme.