The Importance of Education

Last week Bob Larrivee invited me to share our ECM experience in a series called “War Stories” that he is running on his blog. Bob is Director and Industry Advisor for AIIM and he was also the instructor of the AIIM ECM Master Certificate Program that I attended in 2008. Attending that class was the best thing I’ve ever done with respect to our ECM project and one of the best educational experiences I’ve ever had. If you want to know more, check out Bob’s blog.

ECM education doesn’t end with me smacking the ECMm after my name(although it is a cool looking logo) – ECM is a team effort. I understand why we need to define metadata terms but I can’t make them up in a vacuum. I understand Governance but I enforce the rules, I don’t create them. I understand SharePoint, but SharePoint has to support ECM not dictate the game plan. In short, we all have a lot to learn and we all have a lot to offer. As we move this project forward, we are also focused on sharing what we know with our coworkers.

When it comes to learning about ECM, I highly recommend joining AIIM and taking advantage of their educational program. The ECM Master class was outstanding but AIIM offers way more than that. I’ve been learning from AIIM ever since I attended an AIIM New England Scanner Shoot-out back around 2000. Since then I’ve been reading and sharing Whitepapers, Standards, User Guides, and Books not to mention dragging people to AIIM NE meetings. That’s my story