Welcome Digital

Yesterday was the day we in America finally switched from analog TV signals to digital. Of course that switch was planned for several years, advertised for two years, delayed for four months and still, millions of people are converting that digital signal back to analog via a converter box. Read on to realize the irony.

Earlier this year I attended a meeting of AIIM’s New England chapter. AIIM NE is a vibrant chapter and puts on a good show and this meeting was no exception. The meeting was in celebration of our 40th anniversary and one presentation focused on the changes in the industry and how often we’ve been told that “Paperless” is just around the corner. Toward the end though, there was a slide documenting a new trend – how content that is “born digital” is converted back to analog form and then captured again – sigh…

Those of us who work with SharePoint and ECM know we can do better than that but we often don’t realize what we are asking. We’re not simply asking people to start using a platform that we love. We’re not just asking them to learn the intricacies of lists and libraries. We’re not just asking them to understand classification, metadata, governance, collaboration, security permissions, versions and format conversions. All of those are individually daunting, but we’re asking much more – we’re asking people to change their behavior.

To further complicate our mission, we’re not just asking people to change behavior when dealing with content that was born digital. SharePoint gives them the opportunity to change the way they plan and prepare for meetings, develop complex documents, track and manage projects, communicate around an issue and the list goes on. The next several blog entries are going to address these topics. If you want to help, tell me about the behavioral change in your crosshairs the thing you most wish you could change. Post a comment here or send me an email. Maybe, just maybe we can do better than the FCC.