Construction Zone

SharePoint is a little like your house, it’s often easier to move to a new one than it is to remodel the one you’re in.

Of course, I’m drawn to that analogy because I’ve been spending the past several weeks remodeling our site’s main page and several sub-sites. Now, I’m moving onto our Internet facing portal and I find an additional dilemma – notification. It’s rather easy to tell the employees of a small company that “SharePoint will be getting a facelift” but with the off-premise crowd, the communication really need to reside on the page. So, while I search clipart libraries for interesting and hopefully not overused “Under Construction” images, I have to layout the plan for the renovation phase.

We have a test server and I considered building the new look there and dropping it in place in one swell foop (see Spoonerisms) but I think our users will be better served if they walk through the dust, as it were. My hope is that if people see SharePoint morphing into something more useful, they might better understand the fact that SharePoint is a malleable platform. This is an important and often overlooked characteristic of SharePoint – you aren’t stuck with the site you have today! Of course, I also hope we’re not under construction for too long.