Remembering Design

One of the comments I remember from AIIM Expo was by James Whitlock, Lt. Col., U.S. Air Force Medical, during a CIO panel discussion. He was talking about an Air Force portal and he said “if your site isn’t useful, people won’t use it”. That struck me; I mean Air Force – people have rank, they give orders, they carry weapons – if they can’t make people use things, who can?

Making it useful is one goal of the effort to give our SharePoint site a facelift (see previous post) but I forgot that even the little things need a comprehensive design. I mentioned adding a Photo-of-the-Week, a Poll-of-the-week and a Tip-of-the-Week to our main page. People tell me they like those things but the first thing they asked was “how do I submit my photo?” – D’oh.

Of course, the photos, tips and poll questions are in document libraries but they were behind the scenes. Now, they are visible in the Quick Launch area and they can each receive email.