Bleeding Edge

SharePoint is a great platform but it’s also at that awkward stage of life where things are changing fast enough that you really want to keep close to that leading (sometimes bleeding) edge. I remember telling our support vendor that, in significant contrast to our normal approach, we wanted to be the first client to move from SP 2003 to MOSS 2007. I also remember paying a price for that but it was worth it.

Late last fall, we deployed a new SP server and we decided to go with Windows 2008. Then we heard that SQL Server 2008 runs very well on that server, improving the performance of SharePoint. It’s true, the combination is a big improvement.

On the other hand, about three weeks ago we noticed a problem: we were no longer able to upload files larger than 50mb. Now we had long ago changed the file size limit in MOSS so we knew that wasn’t the problem. Well, it seems there’s an additional step required if you’re running on Win Server 2008 and IISv7.0, you also have to edit the Web.config file.

Microsoft has the answer posted here. We followed the instructions and all is well again.