Multiple Check-in Problem Solved?

In my presentation at the AIIM Expo, I talked about some of the problems we have had with SharePoint and I put them into two categories, those that are: 1) Self-inflicted wounds and 2) Microsoft’s fault. One of the ones I tagged Microsoft with the blame for was the inability to Check-in multiple documents.

This is particularly frustrating when someone is convinced to relocate content from a file share to SharePoint for the benefits of SharePoint’s document management capability. They set up a Document Library ahead of time to include versioning and check-in/out and then they realize that the initially uploaded items are all checked-out to them.

We are currently testing SharePoint Batch Check-In from SharePointBoost. This is a fairly inexpensive add-on that adds an option to the Upload menu to “Upload and Check-in”.
SharePointBoost’s web site says It is impossible to make SharePoint check in multiple files at one time in Moss or WSS which is not entirely true.

You can check-in multiple files if you have permission to use the Manage Content and Structure feature off the top level menu (below left). SharePointBoost’s add-on allows you to extend that capability to the end-user directly in the Document Library (above and below right)

We’re waiting to hear what our users think – stay tuned.